Don't Miss These Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Travel Gifts

Air photograph of jamaican beautifull beaches

Presented by Palace Resorts

One of our favorite sayings is, “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer” (this is actually written on our site). And the reason we love it so much is that it is true. It’s our raison d'être, in fact.

So with Black Friday and Cyber Monday just days away, we thought we’d offer up some of 2017’s best travel gifts that will enhance that dream vacation you and your loved ones are always envisioning. Instead of run-of-the-mill gifts that are likely tossed aside or, worse, re-gifted, these will be cherished, and more importantly, used during travel.

Pick or purchase some of these goodies – or splurge on them all – and we guarantee that this year’s holidays will be unforgettable for those who receive them. Plus, we kept it relatively inexpensive, so feel free to grab yourself some of these as well as giving them out as gifts.

Luggage and Lenses

YETI Hopper Sidekick Gear Case ($34.99)

Despite the rather complicated name, this gadget is simple and very valuable for adventurous types who like to explore destinations they travel to but fear losing their wallet, passport, room keys, and other things you can’t do without. The YETI Hopper Sidekick Gear Case provides a safe place to keep your valuables whether climbing waterfalls, trekking on ruins, or rising up over the tropical landscape at Mystic Mountain, just a few minutes from Moon Palace Jamaica.  It’s like a fanny pack without the humiliation.

Ollo Clip 3-in-1 Lens Set ($49.99)

The days of lugging around an enormous camera with an even more burdensome lens are long gone, thankfully. But that doesn’t mean we are taking fewer photos, or of lesser quality. Quite the contrary. The advent smart phones with capable cameras have led to a new era of vacation documentation (ahem, selfies!).

And while cameras continue to improve, the new Ollo Clip 3-in-1 Lens Set is the natural progression of camera phones that helps turn your amateur skills close to professional level. The set includes fisheye (think GoPro), wide-angle and macro lenses. It’s light (less than 1 oz.), attaches easily to your iPhone, and the latest version comes with a tripod feature. Snap away.

Functional and Comfortable

Sephora Collections Sweet Perspective Weekender Case ($38)

Let’s face it ladies, there’s nothing like a well-constructed and organized toiletries travel bag. The Sweet Perspective Weekender Case from Sephora is the go-to case that is big enough for all your makeup, hair products, and travel toiletries and is divvied up just right with handy labeled compartments – perfect for keeping shampoo from leaking into your make up. 

Another reason this bag makes the list: It’s adorable strawberry face print is hard to beat.

Convertible Travel Pillow Infinity Scarf ($40)

There’s two kinds of people in the world: The ones who go on trips with travel pillows and the rest who want to but can’t get themselves to be seen with those goofy semicircles hanging around their neck in cabs, at terminals, or anywhere that isn’t an airline seat. That’s what makes the Convertible Travel Pillow Infinity Scarf so great – practicality and style.

The trendy scarf comes in an array of colors and will be keep you comfortable in cooler temps. And then of course, the built-in inflatable pillow will help you get much needed ZZZs on your way to your dream destination or back home.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Travel Deals

Getting accessories for your dream trip is great. But getting your actual dream vacation as a gift is, well, better than just about anything. That’s why you will want to take advantage of fantastic Black Friday and especially Cyber Monday deals that take you to Mexico, Jamaica, and anywhere your dream destination beckons.

That’s not to say we are advocating that you become the online travel version of those insane shoppers that camp outside of big box retailers hoping to get a great deal on the latest xBox or iPhone. Luckily, we know where you can get the best deals on travel to Mexico and Jamaica.

From Nov. 24 to Nov. 26, Palace Resorts is offering 55 percent off as part of its Black Friday promotion. The same goes for Cyber Monday, with a booking window of Nov. 27 to Nov. 30. Both sales require travel before Dec. 23, 2018.

Those special go with along with Palace Resorts' staples like free stays for Kids and Teens and $1,500 in Resort Credit to spend on spa treatments, tours, golf, and more on all stays of 3 or more nights.