Sea Turtles, Cabo Arch, and Snorkeling in Mexico

Save the turtle is a of the fun things to do at sea in the summer

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What’s a summer vacation without jumping in the water, splashing around with the kids, and taking in the wonderful bounty of the sea? Well, we’re not sure, but we do know that we don’t want to find out. 

This summer, like every summer, people will flock to the coastlines and enjoy the sea in a variety of ways. Though sitting on a beach and enjoying as waves endlessly lap at your feet is relaxing, more and more vacationers want to experience the excitement and adventure that the ocean offers. 

According to Trekk Soft’s “65 Travel Statistics to Know in 2018-2019,” aquatic activities dominated the list of fastest growing categories for global travelers with 6 activities in the top 10, including snorkeling, sunset cruises, kayaking, catamaran trips, and more.

Sea Turtles in Cancun

By now you’ve undoubtedly heard of what a fulfilling experience helping save endangered sea turtles can be. But, really, until you have a tiny, squirming, adorable turtle in your hands just before you release him to the sea for the first time, you really can’t know the impact it will have on your soul.

Having fun in the sun and water is one thing, but getting to be part of the circle of life for those majestic, if tiny, creatures is an experience you will never forget. Find a resort with an environmentally conscious sea turtle release program and it is likely to be the highlight of the summer. 

Saving the turtles and taking them to the sea can also be fun things to do

“Where the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez Meet”

Not all the beauty and wonder of the sea is beneath the waves. Unique islands, spectacular cliffs, and unforgettable rock formations jutting out of the sea are equally if not more satisfying for adventure. That all comes together in Los Cabos at the world-famous Cabo Arch. 

Located at the southernmost tip of the Baja Peninsula, at the very point where the Pacific meets the Sea of Cortez, Cabo Arch tours include views as well as a number of activities which let you physically enjoy the Pacific, including snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding, and more. 

Going Under

Snorkeling in the Summer 

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of walking out of your room at a Caribbean resort, stepping in the sand, donning a mask and snorkel, and immersing yourself in the sea with no idea what lurks below. It’s simple, yet exhilarating. 

In Mexico and Jamaica, resorts dot the coastlines and at places like Palace Resorts and Moon Palace Resorts you have everything you need to explore the sea without planning or training or anything. The resorts provide the equipment and natural beauty, you provide the adventure.  

Are You for Scuba?

That would be yes, Scuba Claude! Okay, so that’s a fairly obscure reference to Hank Azaria’s hilarious depiction of a scuba instructor in 2004’s Along Came Polly, but the point is there is no better way to see the undersea wonders of the Caribbean than scuba diving. 

You’ll be lucky if your summer vacation has you going to any of these destinations with the 5 Best Scuba Sites in the Caribbean. Or maybe, book your trip around to a destination like Cozumel, which is internationally renowned for its reefs and dive spots. There are dozens of spots around the island for divers of all levels. If you’re lucky, you can simply dive in the surf next to your resort and enjoy a treasure trove of sea life.