Making Your First Romantic Trip as a Couple Count

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By Crystal McCormick

A new relationship is filled with firsts. The first kiss, meeting family for the first time, the first sleepover - and your first getaway as a couple.

Taking your first trip with your new squeeze is undoubtedly one of the biggest relationship milestones you can experience, and with so many amenities and activities for couples, there’s no better time to book a romantic rendezvous for two.

If your relationship is ready for taking the vacation leap, there are a few things to keep in mind before you pack your bags. We’ve got you covered on how to make sure your first getaway together, isn’t your last.

Get creative with your dates during your vacation by planning a romantic candlelight room service dinner, learn a new hobby, or take in the Caribbean landscape on a kayak trip for two.

Timing Is Everything

Make it Short and Sweet

When you’re downsizing your space to a hotel room, sharing a bathroom 24/7, and living out of a suitcase – it’s easy to overload on couple time.

To avoid the trappings of too much lovey-dovey togetherness, skip the weeklong trip for your first getaway together and instead limit your trip to a few days. But don’t think that compacting your trip means you have to miss out on all of the best parts of a vacation.

When you stay at an all-inclusive resort, you and your better half can enjoy international dining, breathtaking views, and heart-pumping adventure all without stepping foot off the property.

So, before you ask your boss for two weeks off, consider making your getaway short and sweet. Too long and you’ll remember the “us time” burnout more than the actual trip.

Be Creative and Practical

Get Creative From the Start

Taking a walk along a sunset or sunrise beach can come as pretty cliché, so why not take your first trip together to the next level?

Get creative with your dates during your vacation by planning a romantic candlelight room service dinner, learn a new hobby, or take in the Caribbean landscape on a kayak trip for two.

Trying new activities together will get you out of your comfort zone and remind you both to just have fun. Not to mention that facing your fears together strengthens your bond, and will give you something to look back on in the future.

Money Talks

Money can be a delicate topic in any stage of a relationship, so before you jet off, experts suggest discussing the vacation budget and how it will be divided to avoid any uncomfortable money moments.

"Money is often the cause of arguments in couples, as it can mean different things to different people. Some find it difficult to treat themselves or to treat others. Whether you opt for a shared budget or keep things separate, it's important to agree on the arrangements before you set off," explained relationship expert Sonia Prades to the Huffington Post.

Roughly map out the spending budget for daily expenses like food, hotel and so on, and how you’ll be paying throughout the trip. A good way to avoid any finance-related arguments down the track is to just split everything down the middle.

Less Can Be More and Be Flexible

Skip the 24/7 Togetherness

We get it – you’re madly in love with your new boo and envision spending every waking moment of your time staring into each other’s eyes. But just because you vacation together doesn’t mean you need to spend every single moment together. In fact, too much time together can quickly go from mad love to bad blood.

Whether scheduling a massage or fitting in a sunrise yoga sesh, make sure to fit in some alone time on your first holiday as a couple. Besides, when you have time to yourself on vacation, it will make for more interesting conversation over your romantic dinner.

Be Flexible

From a delayed flight to lost luggage, the reality is, unplanned things happen on vacations.

But when you roll with the punches and focus on the time you've got together, you'll both be able to look back and laugh at whatever inconveniences you endured on your first trip away from home.