Take Your Thanksgiving to Next Level in the Caribbean

Presented by Palace Resorts

By Crystal McCormick

Our favorite overpriced pumpkin coffee is back, there are tons of new shows on TV, and, of course, the leaves are brown. That can only mean Thanksgiving Day is right around the corner and we have to start planning what to do for the holidays.

Sure, you can take the time to gather family and friends around the house to share an appreciation for life's blessings and each other. But eventually, turkey day can begin to feel, well, a little boring. 

From taking in exotic sights, lounging in all-inclusive luxury and experiencing adventure instead of overdosing on tryptophan, here are 5 Reasons Why a Holiday Getaway to the Caribbean at Moon Palace and Palace Resorts should be on your radar.

Give Thanks While Exploring New Places

Why spend another turkey day on the couch when you can be out exploring mountainous tropical rainforest in Jamaica or stepping into a time machine and visiting the ancient ruins of Chichen Itza in Mexico?

You can also dive into Mexico’s world-famous cenotes or take a tour of historic Jamaican attractions such as the Appleton Rum Estate or Rose Hall. At Moon Palace and Palace Resorts, there are dozens of excursions and tours to make your Thanksgiving Caribbean holiday more memorable for the things you did instead of the amounts you ate.

Skip the Cold Temps and Take in Some Rays

If the idea of another cold Thanksgiving gives you the chills, a holiday in the Caribbean is the perfect way to swap out your sweater for a swimsuit.

Since November marks the beginning of the dry season in places like Mexico and Jamaica, you can expect less rain, lower humidity, and 80-degree days—all the better for swimming with dolphins, learning how to surf or just relaxing on the pristine beaches, cocktail in hand!

You Can Find Great Deals

Unlike other holidays, including Christmas, a Thanksgiving getaway to the Caribbean doesn't come with a premium price tag: in fact, traveling during the month of November means you're right in the middle of the Caribbean's low season.

When planning your holiday, there are tons of special packages all over the islands to encourage holiday travel and visits, especially when staying at Moon Palace and Palace Resorts, which has a number of special deals during Thanksgiving.

Celebrate Your Way in the Caribbean

Whether it be scuba diving in along Caribbean reefs, chartering a boat for deep-sea fishing, or indulging in an all-day Awe-Spa extravaganza, a Thanksgiving in Cancun or Ocho Rios sure outweighs the usual family small talk and after dinner football game on TV. 

Enjoy a Thanksgiving That is All-Inclusive

You know the scene: you slave over a stove all day only to conduct a massive after-dinner clean-up, leaving you exhausted and stressed out. So, why not take the work out of this year's festivities, and let Moon Palace and Palace Resorts take care of things for you?

With top-rated restaurants at all of their properties, Moon Palace and Palace Resorts let you focus on enjoying your Thanksgiving dinner instead of preparing it.