James Bond & Jamaica: Must-Sees for 007 Fans

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By Caitlin Lamb

Even the most dedicated fan might be surprised to learn that the adventures of everyone's favorite British Secret Service agent were largely inspired by his creator's love for Jamaica.

Ian Fleming, a British intelligence officer himself, fell in love with Jamaica while attending a wartime naval conference in Kingston. After his service ended, Fleming would return to Jamaica and lay down roots, eventually spending his winters there and penning more than a dozen novels and short stories featuring James Bond.

Now, fans of the books and films can step right into Fleming and Bond's shoes, and travel to many of the locations frequented by the author and his fictional characters. Whether you're looking to relax on the beach or enjoy an adventure fit for an action scene straight out of a Bond film, here are a few of the most famous spots that Fleming either visited or used as inspiration for his work.


Ian Fleming, a British intelligence officer himself, fell in love with Jamaica while attending a wartime naval conference in Kingston.

For the Beach-Lover

The sparkling blue waters did more than simply inspire the backdrops of Fleming's novels. Even his prose is said to have been inspired by his daily swims, leading him to describe one of his characters spying on another "like an octopus under a rock" and other similar references to sea life.

In his 1954 novel "Live or Let Die," Fleming's infamous villain, Mr. Big, even keeps a warehouse for exotic fish, and at one point attempts to feed James Bond's sidekick to one of his sharks, a scene that Fleming may have concocted while hunting for sharks, one of his favorite pastimes during his time in Jamaica.

Whether you'll be channeling a bikini-clad bond girl and relaxing on the beach, or following in Fleming's own steps with a snorkeling adventure, there are several Jamaican beaches that made an appearance in the Bond books and films.

James Bond Beach

Legend has it that Ian Fleming's close friend spotted a naked girl swimming off of this very beach, and declared that this was the place for his friend to build his home. Now aptly named after his leading character, James Bond Beach offers white sands and sparkling waters, with Fleming's former home, Goldeneye, perched high above on the edge of a cliff. Tourists may also recognize this beach from the film "Dr. No."

Less than a half an hour drive from Moon Palace Jamaica, you'll enjoy sweeping views of the coast on this easy visit. James Bond Beach is also located just a short distance from Port Maria, another must-see destination for every Bond fan.

Laughing Waters Beach

It's no wonder that one of Jamaica's most gorgeous beaches was featured in what is perhaps the most iconic Bond scene. You may recognize Laughing Waters Beach from the scene in "Dr. No," when Ursula Andress rises out of the water and spots Sean Connery.

For the Adventure-Seeker

When it comes to the stunning backdrops and luxurious hangouts of the Bond films, there's no doubt that Jamaica has plenty to offer. But if you're more interested in the action-packed side of the films, the country offers plenty of ways to experience that as well.

Dunn's River Falls

Located just ten minutes from Palace Resorts’ Jamaican destination, Dunn's River Falls is the perfect afternoon adventure for thrill-seeking Bond enthusiasts.

Follow in the footsteps of Sean Connery and Ursula Andress, in the film, "Dr. No," as you scale this breathtaking waterfall.

Falmouth Crocodile Farm

While you won't be able to copy Bond himself and leap across the backs of crocodiles, you can get up close and personal with the creatures at the same place where the iconic scene from "Live and Let Die" was filmed, at Falmouth Crocodile Farm.

Other Must-See Destinations for Bond-Enthusiasts

Besides stunning beaches and adventures fit for an action scene, there are plenty of other must-see destinations in Jamaica that were frequented by Fleming and his fictional characters.

Port Maria

Less than an hour's drive from Moon Palace Jamaica is Port Maria, where Fleming married his wife, Ann, in the historic courthouse, which can still be visited today.

Cabarita Island

Be sure to look for it from the harbor at Port Maria. Cabarita Island is rumored to be the inspiration for Fleming's Isle of Surprise.

Ian Fleming International Airport

Just over 6 miles from Ocho Rios, Ian Fleming International Airport might not be the most exciting Bond destination to visit, but it is indicative of Fleming’s lasting impact on the country. The airport was renovated in 2011 and now services smaller commercial jets with service from the island, the US, and other Caribbean islands.

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