Jamaica Becoming the Pearl of Caribbean Vacation Spots

10 reasons spend Jamaica holidays

Presented by Palace Resorts

By Crystal McCormick

Visitors are flocking to Jamaica in record numbers. And with good reason. Every year, the Caribbean nation beckons tourists with its tropical climate and sunny beaches, making it one of the most popular places to visit.

Caribbean breezes and crystal-clear waters are reason enough to book a flight to the Caribbean island, but the breath of offerings and experiences in the Land of Wood and Water are far more reaching. 

How do we love you Jamaica? Let’s us count the ways: Here are 10 vacation-worthy reasons why you should visit Jamaica in 2018.

Jamaican Music is Unmatched

Reaching far beyond the island, Jamaican music's unique sounds are famous for making you want to sing along and shake your hips.

Although Reggae, and Bob Marley in particular, is commonly used to define Jamaica’s music, the island’s musical scope ranges from ska and jazz to traditional and folk music, all drawing from several different influences and each possessing its own distinctive beat.

Grab an Appleton Rum and coke, and indulge your ears in the live island music only to be found in Jamaica.

Majestic Mountains

Sure, Jamaica’s idyllic beaches are more than enough reason to book a flight to the island, but some may be surprised to know there are wildly impressive mountains to be explored in the Caribbean nation.

The Blue Mountains on the eastern side of the island feature cool temperatures, lush greenery, and cozy cottages for those looking to escape the hustle of the towns.

Jamaican Java

Not only are the Blue Mountain hills the perfect place to get away from the typical beachscape of Jamaica, they’re also the home of the world-renowned Blue Mountain Coffee, which is so sought-after that many high-end resorts offer the local brew to their visitors.

“It’s quite popular among our guests,” said Kemarlo Clarke at Moon Palace Jamaica in Ocho Rios, “Our coffee-drinking guests usually ask about Blue Mountain coffee and request it at our restaurants and coffee shops.”

Enjoy a pleasant tour of the majestic Blue Mountains Jamaica

Water Lovers Rejoice

Aside from taking in the beauty of the Jamaican turquoise waters, you also have your pick of water sports when visiting the Caribbean country.

Whether it’s snorkeling and diving on the reefs, exploring the famous Ocho Rios waterfalls or catching some waves, Jamaica’s coasts and numerous water sports won’t disappoint.

Shopping for Local Treasures

What’s a vacation without a little retail therapy? And, a Jamaican holiday is no exception.

From art to jewelry to specialty foods, local Jamaican crafters offer a unique assortment of artisan pieces within the Jamaican markets. Just brush up on your haggling skills.

Rainforest Bobsledding

Looking for a little extra adventure on your trip to Jamaica? The Jamaican Bobsled Attraction at Mystic Mountain in Ocho Rios has you covered.

Nothing gets the old adrenaline pumping quite like doing your best Cool Runnings impression while zipping down mountainous Caribbean rainforests on a bobsled.

Jamaican Cuisine is Exploding

Well known for its exotic and locally sourced meals, a trip to Jamaica just isn’t complete without a taste of the local cuisine.

Whether it’s the classic ackee and saltfish or the world-famous jerk-seasoned dishes, not many would deny that Jamaican cuisine is food for the soul.

During your stay at Moon Palace Jamaica, you can indulge in some of Jamaica’s traditional seafood dishes at Pier 8 while you take in the magnificent view of the mountains surrounding Ocho Rios.

A Taste of Hollywood History

So, what do a Caribbean island and a fictional British movie spy have in common? As it turns out, James Bond was pretty much conceived in Jamaica, thanks to his creator’s love for the nation.

 In fact, there are numerous tourist-worthy spots for 007 fans to check out when vacationing in Jamaica – including a beach named after the beloved cinema legend that’s just a short drive from Moon Palace Jamaica.

A Welcoming Culture

One of the greatest aspects of Jamaica’s culture is the friendly and welcoming nature of the locals and the rich and diverse history of the island.

Whether you schedule a tour of the historic Appleton Rum Estate or visit the Bob Marley House in Nine Mile, visiting the island is a great time to explore cultural hot spots and stories of Jamaica’s past.

There’s Nothing Like the Weather

Okay, this one is a no-brainer. But, a list just wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Jamaica’s picturesque weather.

A nation known for its sunshine and warm breezes, in Jamaica, an average yearly temperature of 81 degrees means there really is no bad time to book a stay.