Why Destination Weddings Are Better!

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What a Trip! Get Married Away From Home

By Crystal McCormick

After popping the big question, many engaged couples entertain the idea of having a destination wedding. For those who don’t know yet, destination weddings involve hosting a wedding ceremony and reception at least 100 miles from where the bride currently lives, often on a romantic beach locale like Jamaica or Mexico.

What's a destination wedding like you ask? Instead of the typical banquet hall nuptials, envision exchanging vows in an exotic paradise with every wedding detail, from decor to flowers, arranged at the destination to suit your taste. Destination weddings at all-inclusive resorts can have all the convenience of home, while celebrating your big day in an unforgettable way.

What’s so great about destination weddings? Glad you asked. Here are five reasons why more couples are choosing destination weddings – and how having one can make your special day one to remember.

As traditional weddings get pricier (one poll estimates a wedding in the United States averages over $35,000), destination I Do’s are becoming increasingly popular - and for good reason.

A Destination Wedding is Unique

If you’re not one to follow the status quo, why not make your wedding one to remember? More than 2 million American couples wed every year but according to travel industry figures less than 340,000 of those are destination weddings.

Nothing says a one-of-a-kind wedding like tropical sunsets on a sandy beach with your closest friends and family. Another bonus - you won’t have to choose from the same old hometown wedding spots.

Wedding with Benefits

Destination Weddings Are Often Cheaper

From venues to catering, the budget for your typical I Do’s can quickly run out of control. As traditional weddings get pricier (one poll estimates a wedding in the United States averages over $35,000), destination I Do’s are becoming increasingly popular - and for good reason. At Palace Resorts, you can receive over $27,000 in complimentary benefits that include free rooms, free cocktail parties, and free receptions.

Your guests can also enjoy Resort Credit ($1,500 for a 5 night stay and up), perfect for a day at the spa, or a fun excursion after your ceremony. Also, when you choose to exchange vows in a stunning setting, it doesn’t take much to dress it up, saving you money to spend on your honeymoon!

Planning Can Be a Breeze

Let’s face it – wedding planning can create a lot of anxiety! But when you opt for a destination wedding, not only will the beautiful setting of a tropical paradise ease your nerves, you can also take advantage of wedding planning services. Whether your wedding is an intimate gathering for 20 or a more formal affair of 200, many wedding-worthy destinations, like Palace Resorts, offer packages to keep planning simplified while still giving options to personalize your event.

From helping to navigate through pre-wedding details like marriage licenses and ceremony officiants to reception specifics like catering menus and music, venue wedding planners are more than happy to help with any decisions for your big day.

Local and Intimate

You Can Incorporate Local Vibes

With a destination wedding you can easily bring in authentic local flair when it comes to your wedding details like food and music. “Incorporating the local traditions is critical for many couples. They don’t just want a destination wedding—they want it to feel authentic down to the food, wine, music and more,” says Kimberly Wilson Wetty, co-president of Valerie Wilson Travel to Travel Weekly.

Destination Weddings Are More Intimate

When you have a run-of-the-mill hometown wedding, the guest list can often become never-ending, usually resulting in a night of running from table to table to make the rounds to see everyone. Not only can destination weddings help to keep your guest list in check, ensuring that your wedding ceremony is witnessed only by those who truly mean the most to you, but it also gives your loved ones a good reason for some well-needed time off.