Destination Wedding Trends for Summer

Destination Wedding Trends

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Destination Weddings: What You Need To Know

If your dream wedding consists of walking down a sandy aisle, inhaling a cool, ocean breeze, and exchanging vows before a breathtaking sunset backdrop – you’re not alone. About a fifth of American couples opt for destination weddings – over the traditional hotel or banquet hall event – and with stunning views and incredible year-round weather, it shouldn’t be any surprise that Mexico and the Caribbean are on the top of the most sought-after destination wedding list.

So, you have your dream wedding day destination decided, now it’s time to make your special day one to remember! While you may think a stunning tropical landscape is enough to wow your out-of-town guest list, there are a few destination wedding trends that are making the rounds this summer. From vibrant color palettes to special touches from home, read on for 6 ways to add a little oomph into your memorable day in paradise.

About a fifth of American couples opt for destination weddings – over the traditional hotel or banquet hall event – and with stunning views and incredible year-round weather, it shouldn’t be any surprise that Mexico and the Caribbean are on the top of the most sought-after destinations.

Bring Color and Favors

Color Me Married

While a beach wedding provides you with plenty of natural scenery and decor, there’s still ways to accentuate your location – like adding vibrant splashes of color! Sure, there’s nothing wrong with sticking to the tried-and-true neutral wedding color palette, but why not kick it up a notch? You’ve already proven that you’re not the beige banquet hall kind of bride, so adding color to your big day seems kind of fitting.

From deep teal and prismatic aqua, to Greenery (Pantone’s Color of the Year) - there is a wide array of ocean-inspired hues that will add a colorful touch to your décor. At Palace Resorts, the color options run the whole spectrum with everything from Nautical (blue) to Romantic Red (runway red), Exotic Peacock (turquoise), Lavender Luxe, Sultry Sunset (orange and pink) and more.

Favors Forever

Although wedding favors can seem like a small detail of your big day, they’re actually the perfect chance to leave a memorable impression on your guests! Expand on your tropical themed wedding by adding beach-inspired details to your wedding favors. Go the more traditional favor route with a box of shell-shaped scented soaps or candles - or think out of the box and send your guests off with beach towels for an after-wedding beach day.

Destination weddings usually have multi-day celebrations planned, and couples are increasingly giving out favors after each event. Consider this a chance to give a little of your destination to those who made the trip. Your friends and family made the extra effort to travel for your special day, so don’t they deserve a little more than a bag of boring wedding almonds?

Trends for Destination Weddings

Take a Tour, But Still Bring Home With You

Take an Excursion from the Ordinary

The whole reason you planned a destination wedding was to make amazing memories in amazing places – and that includes special activities for your loved ones. Once you’ve covered every detail to ensure your ceremony and reception will be perfect, it’s time to think of making sure your guest list has a blast during their stay. After all, what may be your “big day,” could be their yearly vacay, so make it count and plan some special fun for them.

Whether it’s scaling an Ocho Rios waterfall or visiting the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza, the extra thoughtfulness you put in to their stay won’t be lost on your guests. And you don’t necessarily have to pay extra, as your Resort Credit at Palace Resorts can pay for part or all of an excursion.

Bring a Bit of Home to Your Destination

Just because you’ll be saying “I do” miles away from home, doesn’t mean you can’t bring touches of your hometown to your destination nuptials. Indulge your guests’ sweet tooth with cookie favors from a local bakery back home, serve a signature cocktail from your area (Manhattan, anyone?), or bring in your town’s locally brewed beer or bottled wine. After all, there’s nothing more special than a wedding that says home is where the heart is.

A Map to Your Heart

Mapping a Future Together

And that future starts at your destination wedding! Creating custom maps of the resort and city you are visiting is a fun and informative way to get everyone in the right spirit. Oh, and it will help organize itineraries and prevent anyone getting lost at the most inopportune time (and we’re talking to you, Best Man!).

Going Local When Out of Town

Switch out the same old roses and baby breath floral arrangements for exotic tropical flowers that run rampant in your wedding paradise! Remember where you are, and bring the love into the destination you have chosen by using the wonderful resources and designs of the area around you.

If you’re tying the knot in Jamaica, incorporating the country’s national flower, Lignum Vitae, in to your centerpiece arrangements is a perfect (and pretty) way to embrace the local beauty. If Mexico is the scene for your big day, take advantage of the abundance of the colorful Dahlias around you by adding a few blooms to your bouquet.

Now that you have your flowers down, don’t skimp on adding the delicious flavors of your destination. What says destination wedding more than a menu of fresh caught seafood, refreshing ceviche, and exotic fruits and veggies? Pass on the typical chicken wedding fare, and instead delight your guests with a local feast they won’t soon forget.